Melon Shrub is a zine collective founded by illustrator Murray Somerville and writer Jack Burston.

The two have published a variety of zines featuring works of their own and with collaborators, most notably illustrator Daisy Whitewolf.

They are now expanding out as an indie publisher, promoting new upcoming publications by Murray and also as a selling space for illustrated prints by both Murray and Daisy.

Melon Shrub have been responsible for Melon Shrub #1 & #2, the macro shrub series, Smashing Pumpkins fanzine "Melon Collie" and the sexually awkward Nintendo fan site: http://supermelonshrublovehotel.tumblr.com/

For the future, Melon Shrub will be putting out a collaborative comic between Melon Shrub and Belly Kids and working on plans for Melon Shrub #3.